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Note: Victor is my Black Butler OC
  ~At one time, you thought life was meaningless... That is, until you met... Him.~
 Darkness. It was all you could see on your way to Phantomhive Mansion. Not a single tree in sight to your right or to your left as you rode inside the carrige that your mother has spent much on to make sure you were safe a few weeks before.
Darkness... Darkness... Darkness.
  You wore all black and a veil to hide your face. It was like you were on your way to a funeral, which you actually wish you were heading to insted. You let out a sigh. "Mother never expected me to do these kind of things. Its tragic that she passed the other day, otherwise she could have done this herself." You said as you looked away from the darkness of the window. "Me, out of all people doing this kind of thing. Despicable."
You were never really all that happy, tragedy always coming your way to where you have become blind to the misery, in a way, you were much like Ciel, the lord you were about to meet. "Hmph... But at least I have you." You say as a cup of tea was being served to you. A young butler with lilac eyes, in all black smiled as he handed you the cup. A marking glows on your neck: a cresent moon through a star.
~Though hatred between two servants made things complicated.~
 You and your butler Victor walk up to the Phantomhive mansion, and with one knock, the butler of the mansion answered the door, Sebastian. "Good evening, and welcome to the Phantomhive mansion" He said with a devious smile upon his face, but it quickly fades when he looks at Victor. Their eyes locked into a stare down, and good thing to, your face turned pink with blush when you saw the butler that stood before you. You then snapped your fingers once your blush faded, breaking the two butlers out of their stare down "Victor, go and get my luggage. Any quarrel between you two can wait." You said as you walked into the mansion. "Yes, M'lady" Victor said as he walked back to the carriage, giving one last evil glance at Sebastian. He simply just turned away and to you as he closed the door. "You must be lady _____. It is a pleasure to meet you." He said, the smile back on his face. You removed your veil. "Like wise. Now, where exactly is the Earl of Phantomhive? I did come here to discuss matters of business with him after all." "I'm sorry, but my master got impatient and left. He should be back within the hour." He responded. You let out a sigh "I apologize for being late, I was held up because my carriage driver accidently ran over a poor cat." you said with sadness in your voice. This statement slightly shocked Sebastian (because we all know he loves cats), but actually, he's more shocked then you think.
  The door then opens and Victor walks in with your luggage. "If you ask me, that man should be exicuted." Sebastian said, quite mad about hearing about the death of a cat. "Yes, I agree. The poor girl was bearing kittens." You said. This made Sebastion even more infuriated. "Im sorry to intrude, but perhaps you could show us to our rooms." Victor interrupted. "It was just a cat, a filthy creature." he continued with a scowl *SLAP!!!!* You have struck victor across the face with the back of your hand "How dare you say such a thing! All living things have a right to live, and saying something as harsh as that, especially if such creature was carrying offspring which did not even get the chance to live before dying is unacceptible!!!" You shouted at your butler. "...My apologies, M'lady" He says, his cheek red where you struck him. "Now, Sebastian. If you could be so kind and show us to our rooms as Victor suggested." "Gladly" he responded "This way." He started up the stairs.
  ~And a simple business trip... ended up as finding the love of your life.~
 You walked along side Sebastian, but normally you would walk along side YOUR butler, so Victor greatly disapproves of this, his eyes quickly changing from glowing red and slit like, then back to normal. "I see that you are wearing only black, Lady ____." Sebastian states. "Yes, a lovely shade is it not?" "I would suspect young women would wear virbrant colors." "Well i'm not like other women... I despise the thought of being like that." You said with anger in your voice. "I see... This will be sleeping during your stay, Lady ___." He said as he opend a door to a bedroom. The room was so beautiful, decorated with the finest decor. "Thank you, Sebastian. But do call me ____. Being called 'Lady' makes me feel so important... I hate that feeling." "My, you are quite the rebelious one, arn't you?" Sebastian askes teasingly. "Quiet. Victor, leave my luggage by the door. I will unpack myself." You say and he does so, then Sebastian leads him to his room.
  "...Young ____ is quite a delicate rose isn't she? So beautiful and fragile, yet has thorns that if you were to get on her bad side, it would not be pretty." Sebastian said with a devious smirk. "If you dare lay a finger on her-!" Victor started. "She would most likely enjoy it." He continued, trying to enrage Victor, which was working of course. Victor tries to contain his anger, and he sighs. "We have had this rivalry for 200 years. If you could be so kind and think common sense not to enrage me at least while my mistress and I are here, that would be rather pleasant." Victor considered. Sebastian thought for a moment, but didn't respond, he only showed victor his room, and walked away to tend to other matters.
  You were unpacking your things in your room, when you hear a knock at your door. "Come in." you responded. Sebastian walks in, closing the door behind him "My master has returned, though he will speak with you tomarrow." He said, walking towards you, but you did not notice him coming closer. "Alright, thank you Sebas-" You gasped as he started to stroke your cheek with his now bare hand, you hadn't noticed that he was already beside you until it was too late. You stood still as he kept stroking your cheek, his hand then travelled to your neck. You shuddered with both confusion and pleasure at his sudden action. He traced the marking on your neck with his fingers. "W-what on earth are you doing?" you asked with hesitation. He didn't say anything, but what he did next was rather surprising. he put his hand under your chin, pulled your head towards him so your face was to his, and softly pecked your lips. Your face turned nearly as red as his eyes. "I might have only known you for not even a day, but I can already tell... You are one hell of a woman." He said with a devious grin across his face. You were silent as he began to leave, but you ran up to him before he reached the door, grabbed his arm, and pulled him into another kiss, this time, you wanted it deeper. He gladly obliged, kissing you back, his tounge playing with yours as his one hand moved to your waist, and the other to your back, and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He then began to unbutton the back of your dress...

I do not own Black Butler, but i wish i owned Sebastian :heart:
Pt. 2 coming soon. thats where the fun begins :devilish:
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